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Cutting-edge platform that connect your Internal Resources - your Partners eco-system to facilitate your Customer Value via Social Technology

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Customer experience plays the driven role in differentiation of your business and competitors

Customer Community solution powered by phpFox 4Biz helps you create unique digital experiences, passions and crowdsource support that connects your products/services to the community via:

Customer Care | Social Sales | Social Advocacy

Customer Care


You have your established customers based that required intensive care as communitity?

phpFox Customer Community helps you create your Customer experience as the frontier for differentiation


You want to extend your recurring customers base?

phpFox 4Biz solution offers the unique degital customer care that harness customer passion and knowledge to attract new visitors, crowdsource support and eventually grow revenue.


You need an solution to consolidate your customer Care channel?

phpFox Customer Community enhances Peer-to-peer support is the most affordable way to satisfy customer inquiries. Drive customers to an online community and self-service knowledge base where they can quickly find answers


Thinking of a Social sales that follow, track, feedback and direct convert on a vibrant social platform which unify all customers info?

phpFox Customer Community builds a hub that helps you Drive revenue and conversion, the hub where customers can get answers to their questions and share their experiences with useful advice and product recommendations, our customers find that the community doubles their conversion rates.


Full loop of social and direct sales as the quickest connection to your customers?

phpFox Customer Community performs as the most powerful way for companies to connect with your customers and maximize their loyalty by modernize support, accelerate sales, differentiate from competitors, and stay current on what customers really want.


Adding value to your distribution channel where your ecosystem can take part in and growth healthily with your customers value?

Your distribution channels may vary but with phpFox, one place platform help you run smoothly market development plan, channel marketing with intelligence measurement and direct impact on network sales/channel


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Customer Community Powered by phpFox equipped core features of Social Tech platform and non-stop enhancement plugins, add-ons. It also offer the readiness integration with other platforms
  • Social Networking
    Based on top social networking software phpFox - Customer Community offer the greatest Social Networking technology
  • Eco-system connected
    Internal Resources, Partners, Influencers, eco-system...all connected in one place
  • Vibrant visulization
    Social like interface across devices helps your staff and clients interact at best convenience
  • Crownsource Support
    Integrated dashboard, feed enables your resources and other P2P support, see, share...
  • Passionate Experience
    Unique experience, social-like touch base to enhance your customers reviews, feedback, loyalty
  • Full Social Sales cycle
    Approach, Engage, Sales, Support, Re-sales, Advocacy in one platform

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